Restoring the Southeast, One Structure at a Time

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Catastrophe Recovery

ERG maintains a network of personnel and equipment across the Untied States in order to respond to any catastrophic event. Mitigating the damage is the key to limiting losses. ERG recognizes that the soft costs, such as business disruption, relocation and ancillary damage can exceed the more tangible reconstruction costs.

When disaster does strike, ERG will be on the catastrophe site within 24 hours with a fully equipped team of restoration professionals. Our experts and Certified Restorers, the most recognized designation in the industry, are trained in emergency response, organization and planning. Upon arriving on site, we will secure the scene, determine priorities, formulate a remediation and restoration plan, and deploy the necessary equipment and personnel. Our teams make every effort to allow business operations to continue during restoration activities. ERG works around the clock, never losing sight of the objective: to quickly restore the catastrophe site safety and completely.

ERG will:

  • Implement loss prevention measures, before (if possible) and after the event
  • Immediately take measures to arrest water damage
  • Assemble project teams of certified professionals to address all aspects of site damage to structures, contents and the environment
  • Develop a cost of estimate in accordance with the established protocol
  • Develop a project schedule Establish priorities and meet restoration deadlines
  • Establish temporary facilities Work closely with owners, insurance and community personnel